Rethink the Road Trip: Biking + Surfing The Entire Southern Australia Coastline | #BikeLife


#VanLife is dead!

Didn’t you hear. Even the guru himself Foster Huntington gave up the dirty habit. It’s about taking it back to the earth and living that #BikeLife. Che Chorley took it to the next level and spend 6-months touring the entirety of South Australia. Surfing, shooting, hanging with the locals, hanging with Craig Anderson, etc. etc. Check it out and go by yourself a bike!



“This was one of the motivations behind my journey, Land Sea You Me. I wanted to stop in these communities, to slow right down, to meet and to hear the stories of the land and sea. I couldn’t do this in a car, and I couldn’t do it with mates. This was going to have to be me and the road. I wanted to meet the artists, the salty dogs, the rabble-rousers, the locals that are not meant to welcome you (they do).

For five and a half months I pedaled my way along the entire South Australian coastline, starting in WA and finishing in Vicco. My life was with me on the bike. It would be my kitchen, my studio, my home, and my shelter. Camping every night, waking to the light. I wanted to be immersed in the landscapes and seascapes of the coastline. To feel the weather, to sip the light and feel the earth beneath my feet, to hear the tree fall in the woods.”



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