Before Instagram and social media in general the place for skateboarders to hang out was the SLAP boards and a more underground spin-of: the ‘Theories Of Atlantis‘ comments section. Josh Stewart’s ‘Static’ offshoot was home to epic Internet battles, but none were as fabulous as Josh Stewart himself versus “The Towel” aka Bobby Puleo.


“The Towel was one of literally dozens of pseudonyms for who was, at the time, a good friend of Josh Stewart’s, Mister Bobby Puleo. Bobby originally commented under countless different bizarre names, with most TOA users not being aware of who he actually was. But once he started to use the name “The Towel” he decided to stick with it and it soon became obvious what personality was behind the pseudonym. The Towel began to levy heavy personal attacks against Josh Stewart, who blogged under the title “Theorizer”, and the ensuing arguments blew up the comments section into a spectacle of epic proportions.”



Click over to THEORIES OF ATLANTIS for Josh Stewart’s recap of the good ol’ comment section days.




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