Relive Canadian Snowboard History: The WESTBEACH CLASSIC Doc (1989 – 2000) | Snowboardings wildest party


Did you know that Canadian’s invented real pro snowboarding? The party hard, ride hard ‘Whiskey’ mentality. Well we did and this little doc on the Westbeach Classic proves it.

Everyones done it. The best riders in the world won it. Riders built their careers off it. People got drunk at it. It was the wildest and greatest times in snowboarding. The best part of this whole video is how legendary  photographer Dano Pendygrasse is wearing a crooked Monster hat like an inland empire bmx grom. Don’t let it fool you however, this video is full of knowledge. And can you believe some of the wildest ideas that lead to Dave Cashen’s most public nudity were the ideas of non-other than yoga billionaire Chip Wilson who got his start in snowboarding? Is he perhaps the richest snowboarder industry bum of all time?



The Heritage Project
“Classic Short”

an underexposed Agency Collaboration in association with Westbeach

Produced, Directed & Editing:
Lenny Rubenovitch

Associate Producer, Principal Cinematography & Edited:
Brian Hockenstein

Motion Graphics
Mathieu Gibeault

Archival Research
Lenny Rubenovitch
Dano Pendygrasse
Brian Hockenstein

Dano Pendygrasse
Westbeach Archive
Lenny Rubenovitch

Video Archives
Murray Siple
-Cascadia 1997
-The Burning 1996
-Spun 1992
Hi 8 Archives

Martin & Pascal Gallant & Martin Gagne
-The Gathering 2000

Chris Fulton
-Virus – Westbeach Team Video 1992

Sean Johnson
-Whiskey 1 and 2

Kevin Sansalone

Jon Boyer
-Scrapbook 1994

Alterna Films
-Breaking Ground 2002

Audio & FX
Ib Audio
Pier-Luc Beaulieu

Dennis Bannock

Narration Script
Brian Hockenstein

Thanks to:
Brian Hockenstein
Mathieu Gibeault
Murray Siple
Sean Johnson
Kevin Sansalone
Dano Pendygrasse
Carlo Wein
Matt Houghton
Anthony Vitale
Roberta Rodger
JP Walker
Martin & Pascal Gallant
Dennis Bannock
Rob Picard
Dave Brocklebank
Paul Bussey
Akber Taimuri
Brad Hawker
Jon Cartwright



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