A lot of people were shocked that Tiago Lemos didn’t win Thrasher’s Skater Of The Year in 2017. Well they are vindicated with Boil The Ocean’s new bizarro world list of rehsarhT’s SOTY’s over the last 28-years. All the favorites are there along with the reasons why.



2001 – Heath Kirchart
A dark skater for a dark year, Heath Kirchart in 2001 had already set out on a decade-long argument for substance and form over quantity and flash. Few in the stair-counting era could see Heath Kirchart in his ‘Sight Unseen’ prime, and the grim grace in his tricks contrasted with Jim Greco’s comparatively hairball approach, but you never heard much on any of it from the dude himself, being the only Skater of the Year who shunned an interview for his issue.



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