Red Bull likes their rules and they have many of them. The energy drink leader likes to  ‘own the head’ when it comes to athlete branding. They also like to own the category when it comes to athletes. So going out and starting your own drink company is a big problem for them even if it isn’t in the energy category.

It looks like long time bulls + sun paycheck casher Pat Moore choose becoming a co-owner in Villager Goods – a healthier sugar drink start-up – over sticking with the chemical sugars. Looking at the stacked team list below it’s another leap in the energy backlash that took the first step with the Drink Water movement.

As evidenced with the photos below, as of at least a few weeks ago Pat is no longer representing the Red Bull snow program. Board stickered 13 weeks ago, no longer a few weeks later after the Villager press release went out. Although he still appears on the Red Bull snow athlete page – probably until his contract runs up – don’t expect any more Blueprint projects.


pat moore red bull stickers snowboard                          pat moore no red bull stickers


Pat’s a smart guy who is in snowboarding for the love, not just for the bucks. He likes to be in full control of his own endeavors. See Mr. Plant, Ass Industries, Rag Doll Snowboarding, as a few examples. It’s always smarter to own a stake then rely on someone else for a check, especially with the short shelf lives of professional snowboarders.

Villager Goods is following the big money success of Saint Archer beer selling to MillerCoors for multiple tens of millions of dollars, sticking with a familiar team and social media heavy strategy. Looks like they had no trouble getting heavy hitters from snow, skate, and surf to throw some money in as investors. How much? Probably between $20-$50k on the bottom end. Chances are they had their pick of riders as original Saint Archers investors were rumored to have been paid out 11-to-1 after just a couple years. Who’d turn that down?

It’s another Josh Landan project consisting of a stacked team of: Pat Moore, Mikey Taylor, Andrew Reynolds, Atiba Jefferson, Guy Mariano, Paul Rodriguez, Laura Enever, Monyca Eleogram, Alana Blanchard, Taylor Knox, Koa Smith, Kenny Anderson, Keith Malloy, Nate Tyler, Tanner Gudauskas, Coco Ho, Taj Burrow, Jack Freestone, Dane Gudauskas, Patrick Gudauskas, and Mason Ho, maybe more? Possibly photographers Nick Lavecchia and filmmaker/surfer Mikey Detemple? At this point they could get Bieber on the program and no one would be surprised. The social media following of the above should ensure at least some success even in a tapped market. If anyone doubted the formula before Saint Archer they certainly aren’t anymore. At least energy drink companies will always have the gamers.



Looks like Pat confirmed one of the main reasons he left Red Bull last winter with an Instagram post stating that he, “started to question my involvement when I began being coached on how to speak about their product in a way I wasn’t ok with.”




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