As mentioned earlier the massive corporate conglomerate The Enthusiast Network that owns most “action sports media” these days just went through a huge cut.


Surfing Mag. GONE!

Other mags we don’t care much about. GONE!

But still sad because all print is très grande!

There are a couple different stories floating around right now. STAB is saying that Surfing will morph into SURFER and Beach Grit says ‘not really.’ Come Feb. 1st though we should know the whole story.

SURFER Mag already dipped down to a quarterly a while back. So that’s 4 issues year instead of what used to be 24. Crazy times!


“The Enthusiast Network will put a brave face on the new reality. “When God closes a door he opens a window!” Etc. But in truth it’s all over for the brave little magazine.

– Beach Grit


“Via Stab’s carrier pigeons associated with The Enthusiast Network–the company that has SURFERSurfingGrindTVTransworld SkateboardingSnowboarder and Transworld Snowboarding, and more under their umbrella–word has been confirmed of the biggest cut to “action sports” media (god we hate that term) to date. And don’t get us wrong, we are not gloating over this. If we’re being honest media is a patched-up ship barely floating above the brine. Advertisers are the fibreglass and resin, digital presence is crucial and print–as lovely and tangible a thing it is-is slowly dying with the evolution of time.

So, here’s what we know: Effective February 1, 2017, the consolidation of SURFER and Surfing will take place. The hope is to merge the two into the largest surf media brand. And because SURFER, established in 1960 has long been considered the “Bible of the sport” it will white whale Surfing, swallowing it whole, staff and all.”



Surfline got surf literary legend Matt Warshaw on the horn to get his thoughts. Here are a few of his choice words. He’s got a lot more where this came from:

How will losing the magazine affect surf culture, if at all?   

Not at all, not at this point. Except just to confirm what’s been obvious for a long time, that the old way of doing print is over. A monthly magazine made sense before the internet. No longer. Print is going niche, like the vinyl LP. Long reads are still better on paper. That’s the only advantage print has; that and the fact that some people, like LP lovers, still want the actual object. But the web has every advantage visually, and most advantages as far as what we want to read too — the contest recap, last weekend’s swell, industry news. We’ve been getting those things on the web for 10 years now. It’s surprising Surfing lasted as long as it did. 

What role do you think magazines have now, in the digital age?  

Long-form features I think is the only chance. Do what you can’t do online. Try and out-Journal the Surfer’s Journal. Which I think is pretty much impossible. 



Click over to BEACH GRIT for more on The Enthusiast Network killing off SURFING


SURFING Magazine passed away Monday morning at its home in Carlsbad, CA, surrounded by friends and family. It was 53. SURFING is survived by hundreds of editors, writers, photographers and artists, thousands of fans and the millions of people it touched over its half-century run. “ING” will be greatly missed. // Long before I ever worked there, SURFING Magazine taught me about surf culture, inspired me and gave me a reason to check the mailbox each month. At SDSU, it entertained me between classes as I “mag mooched” at the Aztec Center. After college, when I realized I didn’t want to pursue what college had prepped me for, it kept me excited to travel, to surf and to write. Then, by some twisted fortune I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand, it gave me a job. Not just a job, but a clear path away from surf lessons, substitute teaching and bussing tables, toward a creative, invigorating and FUN career. I refer to the magazine as “it,” but that just represents the sum of the people that worked there. Truly amazing people that taught me, inspired me, challenged me and gave me a seven-year gift that I will keep close to my heart, always. Thank you, ING, what an incredible run. // (Honestly though, SURFING was young at her core — she probably wouldn’t have wanted to be so old, anyway) @surfing #surfingmagazine

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It's a sad day that we had to say goodbye to my beloved SURFING MAGZINE today.As a grom it was always my favorite magazine, and to get to work with FLAME , Nick Carroll , @eslate Chatto ,@jimmicane And @petertaras was a dream come true. I'm super proud of my era as photo editor for how we changed the mag, and its look. My biggest moment was when me and Evan Slater went to lunch with Larry " Flame "Moore to talk about me taking over for him when he was very sick . I looked over at Larry and said " if I'm going to do this , I need your complete blessing" Larry grabbed my hand ever so gently, and said " you all ready have it Sherm.."Life changing moment. I guess it's now been given back to Flame in the Salt Creek in the sky.

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