The consolidation of pretty much the entire mainstream surf industry – Quiksilver, Billabong, and Rip Curl – has been rumored for some time. And they are only getting stronger. In fact Quik has made a $1 offer for Billabong.

STAB looks into Quiksilver submitting this offer to purchase Billabong and Jeff Harbaugh looks into Billabong grabbing the core surf values of Rip Curl.

Of course Billabong already owns RVCA, Element, Von Zipper, and Honolua Surf Company. Quiksilver is corporately known as Boardriders and owns Quik, Roxy, Hawk, Lib Technologies, DC, and Gnu.

They are all at least partially owned by Oaktree Capital Management already. Strange days these are.



Click to JEFF HARBAUGH for the article discussing Billabong sniffing around Rip Curl


Click to STAB MAG for the article discussing Quiksilver submitting an offer to buy Billabong




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