There is only one reason to ride for an energy drink, the money. Red Bull at least goes above and beyond to support their athletes into becoming the best they can be and doing cool one-off events. Monster on the other hand has, since day one, been the one to leach off of athletes. Throwing money at athletes and events but not offering anything to the culture in return. John John Florence rolled the dice on going with Monster and it looks like it isn’t paying out. Literally. His team is taking them to court for unpaid sums that look around $500 000. Looking at the Monster website JJF’s name no longer appears on their list of surf athletes. And you have to look pretty hard beyond fighting, gaming, moto-x’ing, etc. to even find a board sport on their site anymore. Good luck John. Things haven’t looked good for Monster for awhile and their stock recently plunged as Coke planned an energy drink of their own.



Two-time world surfing champ John John Florence has sued Monster Beverage, claiming that the energy-drinks giant hasn’t shelled out any of the cash he says he’s owed for using his growing notoriety and curly blond locks in its ad campaigns.

According to the 26-year-old Florence — who last year was named men’s champion of the prestigious World Surf League — he and Monster cut a three-year marketing deal beginning in January 2017.

Under the deal, Florence — who has starred in surfer flicks including “View From a Blue Moon” and the recent video “Space” — agreed to promote Monster drinks for $350,000 a year plus $150,000 toward a marketing production that recounted his pursuit of his world surfing title, court records show.

Nevertheless, Monster “has refused to pay any amount whatsoever under the 2017 agreement,” according to the suit, which has managed to stay under the media radar despite getting filed in California state court in May.




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