Pro Snowboarder/Filmmaker Leanne Pelosi is Changing the Game for Female Athletes | “… it’s so important to showcase real women athletes in media… “


There’s not much out there that Leanne Pelosi can’t do. Snowboard pro, ace University, start and direct Full Moon Films production and movies, direct a women’s animated skate tv show, and much more.

We were talking here on Board Rap just a couple weeks ago how companies were blowing it by paying female social media influencers/models tons of money to model their gear while not recruiting actual athletes to the sports. It’s bullshit and Leanne talks a bit on a similar point and much more….


What still needs to change?
I can’t say enough that it’s so important to showcase real women athletes in media for all young girls to aspire to follow. My wish is for more brands to start collaborating with more female athletes. It’s only going to feed inspiration and credibility that will foster growth within action sports and beyond. With all the societal pressures that are out there for young girls, the best thing for their confidence and self-empowerment is to have some sort of tangible inspiration.


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