Where we been? Where haven’t we been is the questions. We’ll get to that though. In the meantime pick up the new zine on the streets brought to you by the euro legends Matt Georges and Perly.


Welcome to CLUB SANDWICH!!

A new snowboard print initiative curated by photographers Matt Georges & Perly.

Their goal is to put creativity, snowboarding, and photography on the forefront!!!

CLUB SANDWICH is a twist of multiple ingredients.

Combine them together and it will bring you a unique flavor.

A limited edition box including five different zines through the eyes of five different photographers.
The roaster for this first volume is quite exquisite: Cole Navin, Matt Georges, Perly, Rip Zinger & Andrew Miller.

• A5 Format, 330 pages in total

• Stapled or perfect bound or spirale bindings

• 1 Box + 1 Patch + 5 Zines + 2 Stickers + 1 Postcard

• Printed in France on FSC paper

• Limited edition of 500

• Instagram : @clubsandwich.studio

• Net : www.clubsandwich.studio

• 35€ (worldwide shipping included)



Click to MERCI DISTILLERY to purchase some Club Sandwich