Seems like we lose a print magazine every few weeks nowadays. WHAT YOUTH, leader of the new print movement, almost became a victim of a totally different kind when a massive fire swept through their office complex over the weekend. It’s going to take more than possible arson to take them out though…

“So far it looks like we escaped any wild damage. Our dumpster in the back melted like butter. The entire office has little power, no Internet and smells like smoke and char. And all the back doors are melted and broken. Can’t really spend an extended amount of time inside right now. But we didn’t lose any equipment or product or magazines that we can tell. And thank god the ramp is all good. So this morning, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief — but not too deeply for fear of what might have been burning in those units and end up in our lungs. But we are definitely feeling for a few of our neighbors who had a lot of equipment in those storage units. And would now be out of work.

Thanks to everyone who reached out to us. It was scary, still is a little scary. Behind our office looks like a war zone. And its all still under investigation. Never assume, back up your hard drives, be safe, watch out for the super moon.”


So look for the extra special Dylan Rieder tribute issue to drop very soon.


Click over to WHAT YOUTH for the full story of almost losing everything in flames.


😳 view from the office early Friday morning. Hope everyone's ok.

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