People keep chirping “Print is dead! Print is dead!” Only it isn’t. It has just changed drastically. Originally brands used to pay lots of money to appear in surf magazines that cost about $5. Then the Internet killed that. So magazines went free and highly distributed in cheaper quality. Then the Internet killed that as well. So now what? Well when in doubt go ultra exclusive and ultra spendy.

Professional surfer / artist Warren Smith always has his hands in some sort of wickedly creative art project, like banishing himself to the coast of Maine during winter and making a fundraising art show out of the whole ordeal, and now is no different. Perhaps all his trips as a photography assistant to Cole Barash paid off as his new book entitled “CAGE MUSIC” is a hand-crafted, limited to 25 edition, masterpiece. If you had to compare it to something have a glance at Cole’s latest book that focuses on Craig Anderson surfing and hanging out in his Australian hometown called KRAAG. It’s also a limited edition photography book, only totally different.

Anywayyyyy….  Warren Smith is still occasionally surfing on very radical custom Morrissey surfboards and judging by the title of this book, listening to a lot of Nick Cage. Buy into the future. Buy CAGE MUSIC.


Here are some of the details:

6 silver gelatin prints by Warren Smith

Hand printed on 8×10 matte fiber paper with overexposed black borders

Handmade clamshell box

Letterpress insert

Edition of 25


“This project was incredibly personal to me. I find the photographs very hard to explain. Shot in and around Echo Park, Los Angeles, these images were an attempt to photograph ambient landscapes, that might resemble the space between your thoughts. I had to find the perfect roads, wait for overcast skies, and then hope for there to be no cars or trash cans obstructing the perspective, which ended up taking about 3 years to complete. Every aspect of it has been done by hand which was very rewarding.”

– Warren Smith


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Here is some of Warren’s older New England work that was fantastic.