Without getting into the whole mess the USA and much of the world has and is getting themselves into right now, at least we have the realness of skateboarding to protest what’s wrong with the world. Seb Carayol did some digging and talking to a few of the artists behind the Presidential protests that are making the rounds on skateboard graphics since 2016.


Sample from the artist Sean Cliver:

There’s already been a few grumblings from the underground that enough is enough already with regard to His Orangeness, but fuck it. If we’re stuck with this clown for a full term, then we might as well make the most of our giant shit sandwich. Regarding the importance to make such boards, on a scale of 1 to 10—1 being a skull and 10 being a pizza—I’d rate these around a 5.

I hear a lot of people saying, “Keep politics out of skateboarding.” Me, I’m much more concerned about keeping professional sports out of skateboarding, but we all have our windmills to tilt.




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