Craig Anderson doesn’t hit the media circuit too hard so when he lays down some words it is always interesting to listen. The Former co-founder laid out some of the pivotal moments in his life. Laidback as always.



The Moment… you got recognised in the street by a stranger. I have no idea. There’ve been a couple of instances when girls have completely freaked out, like they start shaking when they put their arm around you for a photo. It feels so bizarre. Over the past few years Instagram has felt like a pivotal change. Everyone’s on social media and they can post it right then and there. It’s cool but it’s an odd thing because I was never in the limelight growing up. Even doing Quiksilver trips back in the day it was all about Julian. Slowly brands started running ads and billboards and whatever and I wasn’t used to it, I don’t think many people do get used to it.



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Craig in Ireland, sleeping in vans and chasing slabs. FORMER.XXX

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