The best advice for surfing Pipeline we’ve ever heard came from Danny Fuller (maybe?) and went something along the lines of “Look yourself in the mirror and seriously ask yourself if you are ready to surf Pipe.”

The answer, unless you’re one of the top surfers in the world ready to battle the best surfers in the world and the scariest locals for a wave should be, “No.”

But if you do say yes and are amongst the best that doesn’t mean Pipeline will spare you. It even makes Owen Wright pass out on a couch and feel all “seedy”. Hmmm.



The incident with Evan Geiselman was one of the most dramatic, and it showcased just how gnarly it is at Pipe and how much water is washing around all the time out there on a good day. South African bodyboarding legend Andre Botha was the first person to get t to Evan, and he clung to him for over one minute before any other help arrived, taking beatings from sets and administering mouth-to-mouth between waves. It was without a doubt that Botha saved a life on that unruly day at Pipe. Evan went on to make a full recovery, but his story was heavy, and the video has had over 1 million views.




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