Pioneering Skate Architect Explains Europe’s Visionary “Active Urban Spaces” aka Skateable Public Space | Time for North America to catch-up


North America is just so…. North American sometimes. Just a bunch of stuck up, sue happy, say ‘no’ to anything fun havers. Europe on the other hand, especially after another successful Copenhagen Open, seems much more relaxed. Sure you can skate there, you’re not hurting anyone. Yeah, crack that beer for breakfast. Why not some wine lunch? You’re 15 right?

Well here is more on the pioneering architecture of European cities like Copenhagen and Malmö with architect/skateboarder Søren Enevoldsen. They see not much problem with creating public areas that just so happen to be skateable. Jeez, Malmö even has a city employed ‘skateboard coordinator’ who is shipping in pieces of LOVE Park because why not? While America throws their skate history in the garbage, literally, Europe is looking towards the future.

Wake up America!


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