God dammit it’s finally happening!!! The Perilous Sea is here. Almost. This August it will be in its entirety, but right now there is an exclusive trailer on Surfer. It may even be for 24-hours only so get over there right now and watch and read the words of film director Mike Bromley. As much as the North Atlantic itself conspired to make this movie not even happen, the all-star international surf cast and talent behind the lens overcame it. Surfers include Noah Cohen, Dane Anderson, Noah Waggy, Kevin Schultz, Noah Lane, Will Skudin, Logan Landry, Heidar Logi, Sam Hammer, Wilem Banks, and a few more. Playing off the long history of the hearty North Atlantic fishermen, Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry are the two modern day Hemingway’s that are bringing this story to life.



After three years of journeying around the cold edges of Iceland, Nova Scotia, and Ireland, filmmakers Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry are set for the August release of Perilous Sea, a feature-film shot entirely in the North Atlantic. Featuring a coldwater cast that includes Noah Cohen, Wilem Banks, Heidar Eliasson, Sam Hammer, and more, the film draws inspiration from classic maritime novels of the past, where the seascape is as real a character as the sailors who test its forgiveness. We asked Bromley about the film, the memorable moments from his travels, and what the icy odyssey holds in store for audiences.

You’ve said that the storytelling in the film will be based on that of classic sea novels. What elements of those books are you looking to bring in?

Growing up in the maritimes, I was always fascinated by stories like The Old Man and The Sea. We wanted to make a film that was structured a little bit like those old adventure novels with a group of people trying to brave the dark, mysterious, beautiful beast. Ryan Meichtry and I worked hard to find a narrator and the scenery that would make it feel like one of those old adventure books come to life. But instead of a rescue mission or a fishing trip, people are looking to get barreled and do airs in uncrowded waves.


We had some pretty wild times in Iceland. We chased a mysto-wave into a snowstorm, in the middle of the night, with nowhere to stay on ice-covered mountain roads, with no guardrails to protect us from a five-hundred-foot freefall into the Atlantic. We were essentially stranded until we came across the sweetest old couple that insisted they feed us and let us stay with them for the evening. I often think where we could have ended up if it wasn’t for them.



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