Pat Bridges is the Creative Director of SNOWBOARDER Mag, but really he is so much more. It almost feels like he IS snowboarding. Our Jake Phelps if you will. Can you imagine a snowboard video or interview that goes over the history of snowboarding without Pat Bridges input? Impossible. It would be a fraud.

Seeing as Pat works in media we are used to hearing his voice on the question side of things. Thanks to The Powell Movement we get to listen to Bridges open up on his own thoughts. From a typical week in the life, growing up in Vermont and working with East Infection Zine, his dream job, biggest regret, and the work he is most proud of (Hint: It’s this Jake Burton Carpenter interview).

Bridges could very well be the most knowledgable living person on snowboarding, so this is a good listen.


“Snowboarding and hard work have done everything for Pat Bridges.  A writer by trade, Pat is also a talented snowboarder who proves the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”  Pat and I talk about developing his writing craft through snowboarding, the theme of his life and the road to Snowboarder Magazine.”


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