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Bali might be a slice of paradise, but wherever party driven tourists go to let loose trouble follows. In the last two weeks there have been two high profile accounts of near death roofie spiking’s as well as sketchy near assaults on girls riding scooters at night.

The first horror story came care of Santa Cruz/Bali surfer- writer Mara Wolford:

“The bartender makes them behind the bar out of my view. I don’t worry about this, I’m chatting with the bar guys in Bahasa and they’re cool. I leave the drink on the bar and go to the bathroom. All of these acts, ordering mixed drinks, not watching them being made and leaving a drink unattended, are fatal errors in Bali, but this evening, I wasn’t too concerned.”

“Half-way through the second mojito (also poured out of view), the Rohypnol kicked in with fury. I knew what it was because this happened three years ago and it was terrifying. From the speed in which this was happening, it felt like multiple doses.”

“I am now nearly paralyzed and can barely talk. And what happens next is, between projectile vomiting and loss of all bodily function, I nearly go into organ failure.”

The next potential victim was Parisian model Kenza Le Bas who was subject to nighttime harassment while scootering a short distance with a friend.

STAB magazine interviewed Bali-based pro surfer Marlon Gerber, whose family owns a hotel in the area. He says:

“You hear stuff about people getting their drinks drugged up,” he says. “There’s a lot of bootleg liquor, they put (local liquor) Mansion House in the Grey Goose bottle or Absolut bottle and you get this super gnarly hangover that lasts for three days.

“Be smart, don’t leave your drinks unattended, and make you sure you know what you’re drinking.”

BeachGrit also had some words on the Bali date rape drug problem.

A few days ago, the Santa Cruz surfer turned Bali transplant, Mara Wolford, lit up on Facebook after she nearly died when her cocktail was spiked with Rohypnol. It’s a rough read and, when you dig a little deeper, you learn that drink spiking in Bali isn’t exactly an isolated event. So far, Mara’s story has been shared by 13,000 people, 138 of ’em moved to comment. It’s an interesting story, I think, because it illustrates the paradoxical nature of Bali, an island superficially perfect but with a dark undercurrent.”

Is it worth it? Be safe out there.

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