Before right now we would have said that Occy’s podcasts were the worst ones in surf history. A Billabong grab to keep him on your screen and ask really spaced out questions to many of their own team riders. Then he got Christian Fletcher on the show and magic happened between Occy’s near indecipherable Aussie mumble and Christian’s cosmic drawl. Now this is a real surf interview from a pair that both went through their own wild times. Does anyone else think that Mark Occhilupo could be up for some kind of journalism award after this? Or perhaps get called up to the big leagues like FOX???



“What happened to the money,” says Occy, a beautiful follow up.

“Got talked into buying a house by my parents. Ended up with a wife, a kid, a house – all the responsibilities of a fifty-year-old man at twenty one and she didn’t cook. She didn’t even cook a bowl of cereal, ok, didn’t clean, didn’t work. It was a rough one so finally ended up with a nervous breakdown.”

Can you go further with that?

“Sure! I would’ve ended up dying.”

You’ve been sober a long time now.

“Wouldn’t say sober. I’ll do whatever I want, whenever I want! I just choose not to do it too often.”

Making the right choices, says Occ.



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