Been obsessed with NPR’s podcast ‘How I Built This w/ Guy Raz‘ since it launched. Pretty much every episode is fabulous. Even the ones you think you’d have no interest in still have amazing stories and lessons for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and doing your own thing.

Got amped up that this weeks guest is none other than Jake B. himself. It’d be hard to find someone who’s done more to build the culture of snowboarding than Jake Burton Carpenter. His interview in Snowboarder Mag was really good and this podcast delivers from a whole different perspective. Jake tells the story of building not just the Burton snowboard brand, but also snowboarding in general during the late 70’s and 80’s.

“In 1977, 23-year-old Jake Carpenter set out to design a better version of the Snurfer, a stand-up sled he loved to ride as a teenager. Working by himself in a barn in Londonderry, Vermont, he sanded and whittled stacks of wood, trying to create the perfect ride. He eventually helped launch an entirely new sport, while building the largest snowboard brand in the world.”

Click to NPR to listen to Guy Raz’s ‘How I Built This’ with this weeks guest Jake Burton Carpenter

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