North Korea would be one scary place to drop the board down. Patrik Wallner has managed to do it four times now however without getting locked up into decades of work jail. He even has a book about it. Hit that link above and check out his interview with Village Psychic below.



What other precautions did you have to take before going to the DPRK?
Usually one goes through a meeting with an agency before embarking on the flight or land crossing to Pyongyang. The typical “no insults, making fun, and being on your best behavior” is advised in the effort to keep oneself out of trouble during one’s stay within the hermit kingdom.

All of my entries in to the DPRK have been to skateboard and get away with some kind of documentation of the skateboarding of one of my friends. I have entered four times, every time with different friends and we have always had small windows to skate in various spots within the country.

There are not many spots but I am happy with a flat ground trick with a backdrop that speaks for itself. I do think that North Koreans see skateboarding as a newly established sport from the West, but it seems that they are open for this board with four wheels, since it was never spat upon with disgrace as being a capitalistic toy. Rather, I’ve seen a joyous reaction, which in my eyes works a little like the ping pong philosophy, minus ping pong and with boards!

Other precautions one would have to take before entering the hermit kingdom include anything from not insulting the Kim Dynasty to not sneaking in any bibles. The tour organizer has a couple stories of people still in jail because they thought it would be a good idea to try to leave a piece of Christianity within the least religious country in the world. Most of them were missionaries with South Korean roots. So overall there are a couple guidelines one has to follow to not breach or break any local laws. Leaving the hotel is also strictly prohibited, as well as talking to any North Koreans not related to your tour group, as well as entering any buildings without permission (like local grocery shops). So many rules and not much thinking, just absorbing propaganda.




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