Nora Vasconcellos’ new feature in Rolling Stone reads much like the Adidas skateboarding advertorial that it is (can’t fool us PR peoples), but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it. Nora rips and is one of the most stylish skaters out there right now. It’s cool to hear her story told from another angle outside the regular skate media. And oh, did you hear she is the first women to join the ADIDAS SKATEBOARDING TEAM! If not the article doesn’t hold back from jamming it down our throats. No diss to the writer Eric Hendrikx as he does a fabulous job in the article as always, just pointing out that as the ad buy world changes we end up with thinly veiled “content.”



With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the not-so-distant horizon, and skateboarding’s inclusion in two events, Vasconcellos is excited for the opportunities the games have provided globally. “The Olympics are the source of why girls are having success in skateboarding – with all the contests and heavy marketing,” explains Vasconcellos. “They can’t sanction a men-only event in the Olympics; they have to prove it’s transparent. So, because of the Olympics, we have a women’s division in Street League Skateboarding and in the Vans Park Series.” As Vasconcellos sees it, now she and her friends get to skate for a living and make money and travel together. “We still live in a day and age when the odds are stacked against women,” says Vasconcellos. “So any breakthrough is a step in the right direction.” 




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