The Not Snowboarding Podcast is back. This time with everyones fav fresh-to-hesh snowboard ex-pro/entrepreneur Nima Jalali. He’s moved from filming influential video parts to co-owning Ashbury, Howl, Black Bar, and ???, as the podcast above goes into.

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“Nate and AJ connected with Nima via Skype to discuss Nima’s recent allergic reaction to a Vitamin C supplement. They also discuss Nima’s businesses, investments, work ethic, golf, surfing, snowboarding, diet and more. 
Sorry but Skype was a bitch on this one – it dropped the call many times. Nate was able to clean most of it up in post production, but there are some glitches as an FYI.”
Nate, Nima and AJ discuss:
  • Nima’s allergic reaction to a Vitamin C Powder
  • Podcast sound logistics
  • How supplements get made
  • DJing
  • How to beat a Hangovers
  • Surfing
  • Skype fucks us
  • Filming
  • Launching Ashbury Goggles 
  • Knee surgery
  • Fire in the Ashbury factory
  • The best golfer at Ashbury
  • The Ashbury Open
  • When to buy a new surfboar
  • Nima’s new project
  • Selling the Juice Bar
  • Nima’s father’s work ethic
  • Networking in LA
  • Direct sales vs selling through retailers
  • IPP – Pete 
  • Pow days 30 minutes from LA
  • Three knee surgeries
  • Smoothies
  • Raw Vegan
  • Eating food that makes you happy
  • Stress