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Since snowboardings inception SIA has the monopoly on trade shows. In the beginning snowboard gear was the ugly stepchild being pushed into the corner at massive ski shows in Vegas. Then skiing died and snowboarding became the driving force of the show bringing a fresher, younger vibe to the show. And more partying no doubt. Then the show left it’s nasty Vegas roots and moved over to Denver. Then snowboarding died, RIP, and skiing is cool again. Why we never left the ski industry and started our own large tradeshow ages ago is a great question that I don’t have the answer to.

Parts & Labor is the new independent show on the block looking to finally change things up. By overlapping their show with SIA (Jan 27 – 29, 2017) and with snowboarding now expanding its mind to smaller brands that aren’t owned by ski brands or corporate conglomerates it’s perfect timing. The diy brands don’t have the budget or the desire to be lumped in with 3000 other shitty ski brands.

As snowboarding changes for the better with quivers being built, tricks being progressed, and independent brands being created it seems about time that they had a trade show to match it.

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The show will feature gallery style walls (as seen above) to get away from the big dick contest of traditional show booths. Big brands spending big money that could be better spent in other places just to hype up retailers.

Anyone with a few years of industry experience under their belts will remember the impact that Grenade has their first year running around SIA with only stickers, branded gear, and drunk team riders/owners. Hopefully Parts & Labor will bring back these feelings of true snowboarders putting their dreams on the line.

Before getting into the official words from some official people, listen to this Podcast covering most the topics floating on your mind right now.

“This episode was unique in that, for the first time, we had four people on – all in different locations (with almost no issues from Skype). Nate and AJ talked with Joe Suta (Nightmare Snowboards) and Steven Kimura (Owner Operator and United Shapes) about the brand new, snowboarding only trade show that they are launching in January:Parts & Labor”

Topics include:

Stephen’s and Joe’s breakfast(s),PowderJet Snowboards, Maple syrup coffee, Bulletproof coffee, Eating habits, Trump, Handsome Cory Schmidt, Owner Operator, United Shapes, Nightmare Snowboards, Craig Kelly, Parts and Labor, IPP, Skype drop, Fair sale pricing, Product development timelines, Snowboarding participation, Olympics (skateboarding), Logistics of building a booth at SIA, On-snow demo, Does the snowboarding industry even need a trade show?, Fleshlight snowboard, and Nostalgia.




Parts and Labor was founded in order to showcase the best of snowboarding’s unique community.

The premiere event will take place in Denver, January 27-29. Future dates, locations, formats, and details will be determined by the participants.

“A changing of the guard is needed. Our store (Satellite) has been around for 15 years, & we’ve felt like the industry has changed so much just in that short time, yet our tradeshow has not.”
– JG MAZZOTTA (Owner, Satellite Boardshop)

“Parts & Labor will be the best opportunity for rider-owned brands and retailers to represent their love for snowboarding first and foremost, while building a future we can all believe in. For anyone who truly loves snowboarding, now is your chance to prove it.”
-TRENT BUSH (Twist, Techine, Analog)

Exhibitors include: Moss Snowstick, Dinosaurs Will Die, Vans, Nightmare, Public, Grassroots Powdersurfing, the Interior Plain Project, Owner Operator, Airblaster, Fix, Ashbury, 1817, Howl, Spring Break, Dang Shades, Smokin Snowboards, Niche, Powderjet, Jones, Yes, Now, Hightide Mfg., Salmon Arms, Stepchild Snowboards, TJ Brand, Warp Wave, Remind Insoles, Lobster, Switchback Bindings, Bataleon, Elm, Shred Soles, Holden, Videograss and more.

Parts & Labor was founded in 2016 by Joe Suta (Nightmare Snowboards) and Steven Kimura (Owner Operator, United Shapes)

“While outsiders have been tolling snowboarding’s death knell, we have all been building an amazing scene of our own. There is more energy, ideas, style, diversity, and positivity in snowboarding today than ever before.

The increasingly commodified and fragile ski and sporting goods industry was never the right place for the snowboard industry to exist. We need a place of our own – where good business goes hand in hand with a truly responsible marketplace.

We’ve invited a diverse cross-section of the best brands in snowboarding for the first of many gatherings to come.

Let’s put the snowboarding back into the hands of snowboarders.”


Check out some of the early adapting brands that will be attending below…

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parts labor brands 2