kirill museum of skateboarding art

Skateboarding is an art. Just pushing down the street can be a thing of beauty. It can get a lot more “artsy” though. The Museum of Skateboarding showcases projects that are “collections of photo and video materials, artifacts and research results looking into skateboarding as a unique method of studying the city scape.” If you like looking at skating through a different lens check it out:

“Part three is a new commission by Calvert 22 Foundation that will explore the individual’s participation in the activation of public space with Russian artist Kirill Savchenkov’s installation.

Museum of Skateboarding is a mixed media installation that considers skateboarding not just as a form of exercise, but also as a visceral way to explore and reflect on the contemporary city space. The project studies the secret language of the sport, illustrating how certain architectural interventions or objects can be understood through skateboarding.”


Head over to Caught in the Crossfire for more info on Kirill Savchenkov’s Museum of Skateboarding.


museum of skateboarding