Baldface Lodge in BC is known as The Temple of Snowboarding for many reasons. Proving once again that he knows what’s up, Baldface owner Jeff Pensiero welcomed the return of some of the biggest names in snowboarding for “Mr. Pat Moore’s Avalanche Course for Professional Snowboarders.”

Getting pow and staying safe. That’s a trend that should stick around.

If you’d like to attend next year, it’s probably already too late. But get over to Baldface anyway.

Here’s a sample from Jeff:


“A few years back Pat Moore and I were catching up in the cat about his experiences traveling and filming for the Veeco Film,  Mr. Plant.  As he relayed tales of spines, slashes, rails, bails, crails and fails, and more specifically about some of the close calls that he experienced over his career, another seed was planted.

As a backcountry lodge operator, many of these risks were simply the product of a lack of preparation and understanding involved in winter backcountry travel.  Pat and I talked about creating a “course” where we could select the attendees and have our guides teach them some of the language and techniques we use to evaluate the risks we take and how to mitigate them.  Our seed grew into the first “Mr. Pat’s Avalanche Course for Professional Snowboarders” which was well attended by numerous snowboarders and filmers.

This year, the course expanded into a larger version of itself attended by 32 filmers, photographers, and riders. We were able to take feedback from year one and combine that with a summer of contemplation to create the syllabus for this year’s course.  Taught by Russel Hurlbut of Ice Creek Lodge, Demian Whitley and John Buffery, we were able to move the needle for the attendees with a combination of lectures, guided discussions, lots of field study time, and of course shredding the first lines of the year in the Baldface tenure. It was cool to see some of the glazed over looks from night one as the guides hammered home the intricacies of snow communication turn into understanding when applied outside on the snow the next day.”


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