Mick Fanning has been through a lot in the last few years. The three time world champ has lost (another brother), went through a divorce and a shark attack, took a year off, scored some of the best waves of his entire life, and much more. This all makes for someone you don’t mind listening to for an hour.

If you’re not already familiar with Matt Barr’s epic We Are Looking Sideways website and podcasts then welcome. There’s some great ones on there that run the gamut from snowboarders to brand creators to surf writers to this banger with Mick Fanning. Top bloke for sure.


Listen out for:

  • Mick’s thoughts on surfing Kelly’s wave, and what it means for the future of surfing.
  • His unique insights into the Andy v Kelly rivalry.
  • How Mick’s year out helped him recharge his surf career.
  • How the tour has changed – both in general and for Mick in particular.

Yep, we all know Mick charges. But in essence, this was an in-depth conversation with a man who’s lived a rollercoaster life, and is constantly striving to learn from the past, keep moving and keep evolving.



Click to WE LOOK SIDEWAYS for the full show notes and many more epic podcasts





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