The UK scene is crazy right now. Palace is popping up on rap stars and celebrities and The NY Times. One of the young fresh dudes that is leading the charge is Blondey McCoy. He’s got that cocky hooligan vibe and is doing some cool work amongst that crossover scene of modeling, skateboarding, creating, etc.

Skaters like Benny Fairfax and Lucian Clarke even praise the young cat.


“Blondey McCoy is a 19-year-old London-based model and skateboarder for brands such as Palace, Adidas and Supreme. Having gained notoriety online via his skateboarding at Southbank aged 15, Blondey made the cover of i-D magazine back in 2013 (shot by Alasdair McLellan). In this episode of i-D Meets, we join the most modern of Soho’s flâneurs to explore his artwork, fashion design and delve a little deeper on this modern polymath.”


Click over to i-D for more on Blondey McCoy



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