Skateboarding in a way is kinda like that secret society in Fight Club. You can look down at a valet’s shoes and see those telltale marks on their shoes and give them little nod. Well over the years skaters and those on our side have risen in the ranks to fill up some pretty influential positions. JENKEM’s new series ‘Allies’ dives into this world with their first episode on Calder Zwicky who works with MOMA and lots more.



For our first episode of our new mini-series, Allies, we sat down with Calder Zwicky, a skater who has been working with NYC’s Museum of Modern Art over the last decade to incorporate skate-centric programming into its Teen Programming along with its Open Arts Space, which caters specifically to the city’s LGBTQ youth.

We traveled to Calder’s home in Manhattan and asked him what his views are on the art world’s incorporation of skateboarding and skate culture and how he sees his work evolving down the line. He also showed us a peek at his own artwork in the form of his “Lonely Thrasher” series, which flips the idea of the traditional skateboard cover on its head.




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