Were you a nerdy little grom that collected toys growing up? Are you still a (older) nerdy grom that no longer plays with toys, but still has them stashed away in their unopened boxes and get mad when your significant other goes near them or threatens to throw them out?

Well Milksaggers may be for you. They’re making hilariously on-point bootleg action figures of some of skateboardings all-time characters. Not really for sale yet, but if you see something you like slide into their DM’s and come correct with the price. These babies are one offs for the most part.



Two guys in California who started making hilarious skateboard action figures are the only ones doing it right these days. Under the name milksaggers, Cory Bosacki and Jacob Nichols take existing non-skate action figures and create custom packaging to turn them into replicas of skate icons and memorabilia. If you ever thought Spanky or Nora Vasconcellos would make for funny action figures, or always wanted to play with the tour van from Destroying America, then milksaggers might be your fucking jam.

As their absurd name makes clear, they’re not out to make “totally rad” toys for the masses. Milksaggers is strictly by skate nerds for skate nerds.




Click to JENKEM for the interview with the guys behind Milksaggers






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