Is Hanno Treindl the “architect of competitive snowboarding’s demise” as many from Terje Haakonsen to journalist Ed Leigh have thought as he was instrumental of the FIS getting control of snowboarding before the first Olympics in 1998. Or have we been misguided this whole time? This article might help snowboarders see both sides of history.



For me the insight that this chat with Hanno offers has given depth and perspective to exactly what happened and who the FIS are. I feel less naive, I no longer see the FIS as the cruel pantomime villain in an idealistic snowboarding fairytale who intentionally rode roughshod over our precious creative culture. Instead I see it for what it is: a federation run like a corporation.

They are not malevolent, they are just indifferent. They saw a successful product that was offered to them and they took it. The fact that they couldn’t see where its true value lay is tragic, but isn’t surprising.

As snowboarders we have to look at it philosophically, not like a Shit List, and come to terms with the reality. The FIS control the snowboard World Cup, Olympics etc so rather than whinge and complain about that we need to be proactive, look at what lessons there are to be learned from this unfortunate episode and how we can do better. A piece concerning this very subject will follow after the Games.



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