Depending on who you listen to snowboarding may be going through a phase of stagnation where big brands stop making millions. But this is opening the doors to creative small brands like Owner Operator who follow their own manifesto through the struggle.

Owner and operator of Owner Operator Parts&Labour specialty snowboard trade show– Steven Kimura, who is also part of the fabulous that is shaking things up – get on this weeks YoBeat humpday and let it rip on all things small brand snowboarding, why domestic snowboard manufacturing isn’t the only or best way, and the future.


What is your prediction for the future of snowboarding? Where do you see us headed? Fewer snowboards will be manufactured as market realities catch up with unrealistic growth expectations. Big companies don’t know how to shrink, and are all ready struggling. Small companies will grow to take their place, and the cycle will begin anew. From our ashes, new flowers will sprout. 


Click over to YOBEAT for the Humpday interview with Steven Kimura of Owner Operator



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