Skateboarding saved another one. You might have seen Tamba Lano from his death defying acid drops off buildings, bridges, and the top of skateparks, and not given too much thought to it other then, ‘Another stunt man.’ But Tambo has a story and Jenkem picked up on it. See Tamba started out homeless and it was the generosity of another skater that got him on a positive path:

“I ended up going to the skate park every single day, and one guy eventually noticed me. He came up to me one day and asked, “Do you even skateboard? I see you sitting down every day and watching us all skate, do you even skateboard?” and I was like, “Nah man, I’m homeless. I can’t afford a skateboard.” And he was like, “Oh, alright,” and then he just left… and I was like, “Oh, alright, cool… He just asked me that and cut” [laughs]. But then he came back out of nowhere with a brand new Element deck and was like, “Yo, go skate…” 

After that, I always loved that feeling he gave me. Like, he didn’t have to give me that skateboard, but he did. So now I have a little company I’m trying to start based off that feeling that I got, where I just give back to kids. Especially cause I was just a little kid and I was stressed out about being homeless and everything, so that was like the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. Just someone coming up to me and giving me a skateboard.”


Heavy. The interview goes into more detail of his hard upbringing as well as how he got into jumping off big shit:

“The whole jumping off stuff thing came back up at some point. I think it was The Matrix that got me back into it [laughs]. I always used to wanna be like Neo and run up things like how he could, so it started off with trash cans and fire hydrants. I’d just pop my board up, grab it, jump off the top of it and it would make people go crazy. From then, I would just go higher and higher and higher, and it got all the way up to jumping off a freaking bridge. Everybody that knows me since I was a little kid would tell me like, “That’s not how you skate, man.” And now those same people that used to look down on me are like, “Bro, you need to get that bridge! And as much as we didn’t think that was cool, you made it super cool,” so now it’s like, “Kudos to you, Tamba,” from everyone.”


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