The Encycopedia Of Surfing‘s very own Matt Warshaw is the language expert that confirms the definitions of the surf subculture’s slang words for the world famous Oxford Dictionary. And he’s profiled in the The New Yorker no less.

Here’s a bit about what they say about Matt Warshaw surfings favorite autodidact who’s, literally, putting surfing in the dictionary:

“Warshaw is the world’s leading surfing scholar, the Linnaeus of the lineup. Over the years, he has assembled a research library, in his home, of hundreds of books, thousands of periodicals, and some three hundred and fifty movies, and created a database: logged, indexed, searchable. From all this, and from his own experience as a California beach rat, middling pro surfer, and surfing writer, he composed the idiosyncratic yet authoritative “Encyclopedia of Surfing,” which was published, to wide acclaim, in 2003. “I decided to rule this domain that no one gives a shit about,” he said the other day. In the past half-dozen years, he’s been transferring the encyclopedia’s fifteen hundred-odd entries to the Web, and adding many new ones, along with a wealth of photographs and videos. He has likened this migration to Dorothy’s arrival in Oz.”


Click over to The New Yorker for the full profile on Matt Warshaw.