Gotta admit we never thought we’d see a North Shore heavy dressed up in the latest fashions for a massive fashion website. Yet, here is Eddie Rothman‘s son himself – Makua – all fancied up for the masses. He’s all about the Gucci btw.

Think anyone gave him a hard time? Naw.



“I was one of the first kids to pursue big waves as a career,” says Mr Rothman. “Guys like Laird Hamilton had laid down the path, but I was one of the first of the next generation to say, ‘You know what? I don’t want to surf in the small-wave contests. That’s not what I’m about.’” At 5ft 10in and with a muscular frame, his size didn’t lend itself to surfing small waves, either.

“I sucked at the fancy manoeuvres and the tricks,” he says. “I was too fat. However, I would come in from a surf and watch my friends compete. I’d say, ‘Well, I’ve just ridden a wave 50ft high and you guys are in the shorebreak.’ Surfing big waves was my passion and what I was good at. I decided then to be the very best big-wave surfer I could be.”




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