The whole “snow surfing” – or whatever you want to call it – movement is one of the more interesting niche activities going on in snowboarding over the last few years. Pulling inspiration from surfing once again to build DIY boards, sometimes ditch the bindings, and almost always riding lots of pow looks like a good time.

The dudes at Stoney Surfers are having a blast pushing the boundaries of the past.



Snowboarding has been influenced by surf culture since its inception. A shared lust to experience the elements on a board and a prioritization of fun over everything brings these two communities together under the umbrella term “boardsports.” The similarities are undeniable. At the crossroads of these pastimes emerges a subculture reminiscent of snowboarding’s early days, dubbed powsurfing.

Justin Clark, known more commonly as J. Stone, is a bona-fide entrepreneur masterfully perfecting a balance of fun with hard work as he helps progress the rhythmic art of riding snow without bindings. His brand, Stoney Surfers, was created in 2013 out of a love for powsurfing, a dissatisfaction in the shapes and board options available, and a drive to take matters into his own hands. Out of a handbuilt press and a woodshop in his Salt Lake City basement–with some tolerant roommates–and months of trial-and-error, grew an entirely custom powsurf brand that integrates design input from customers with advanced shapes and features derived straight from the mother of it all–surfing.




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