It’s kinda sad that making a surf magazine, or any magazine these days, pretty much has to be a passion project of which you’ll most likely never even make a dollar. It’s kind of alright as well though because it weeds out the soul suckers and allows the truly creative and dedicated to have a good time. Backwash is one of these mags. It is based out of the UK but its tentacles reach worldwide. MC did a little profile on the, which is also cool seeing a more established print mag shining the light on its babies.



Making magazines is a logistical nightmare. Trying to get a bunch of ‘creatives’ to self-motivate themselves enough to get things to you in time to meet deadlines is literally like being stuck between a rock and a hard place: tell ’em to beat it and you’ve got empty pages, don’t and you’ll be waiting and dealing with every excuse imaginable. Backwash is a magazine whose staff comprises entirely of surfers, so multiply all the aforementioned factors by a thousand. When she comes out, however, she’s a beautiful marriage of all the things that make wasting your time in the ocean so special. So beautiful in fact, that I decided to get the story of this fringe publication from one of the mag’s founding fathers, scribe, and the first person to reply to the generic email address on the website, Dan Crockett.

Starting at the beginning, Dan says that the ragtag Backwash cast was assembled by Chris McClean, a veteran filmmaker who’s had his fingerprints all over the more cultural aspects of the UK’s surf output in recent years. “We’ve collaborated for years and he saw an opportunity in a bit of a media vacuum,” Dan says. “He’s also brilliant at assembling the team so it fell together naturally. The party we throw every year or so is a major motivator to do the whole thing… it’s a gathering of the clan and a celebration of the good people brought together by the sea. Clicking together in and out of the water is why it works.”



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