Fresh off a podcast with Travis Rice, Matt Barr and his UK chit chat pod ‘Looking Sideways’ is back with Bryan Iguchi. As Matt says the ‘Guch’ is as legendary as you’d expect. Does anyone love snowboarding as much as Bryan? Cool to see the early pros sticking around and still progressing. Don’t see it as often in snowboarding as in skating and surfing. Hopefully that changes as we all turn into elders.



‘Guch’, as everyone calls him, has had one of the most most legendary and important careers in snowboarding, spanning over two decades and covering almost every key development along the way.

Name a milestone and chances are Guch was part of the session. Big Bear back in the day, with Brushie and the rest? Tick. Part of the legendary mid 90s Burton Snowboards team with Terje, Rippey, Johan and Craig Kelly? Check. Moving to Jackson so he could expand his mountain knowledge and truly dedicate his life to snowboarding? Yup. Having a ringside seat as Travis Rice broke through? Check.”



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What a privilege this one was – myself and photographer @owenmadeup got to spend the day with the legendary @bryaniguchi for episode 023, and it didn’t disappoint. We spent a lovely hungover afternoon wandering the South Bank, sitting down to discuss his life and career. Highlights include Guch on Craig Kelly, seeing @travisrice ride for the first time, how snowboarding has kept him young, and how it felt to be part of that legendary mid 90s @burtonsnowboards team. If you’re a snowboarder, you’re going to love it. Not a snowboarder? Then sit back and enjoy the zen-like wisdom of this most popular and respected legend anyway. Right on Guch! Thanks for coming on the @welooksideways podcast. Click the link in my bio to have a listen. 📷@owenmadeup

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