Eighties Newport Beach was quite the trip. It’s effect on surfing and youth culture is still being felt today. Danny Kwock was there for much of it. Surfing, partying with Andy Warhol, watching influential brands pop up all around. Saturdays NYC, who’s co-founder Morgan grew up in Danny’s neighborhood as a from, got some great stories of the glory days from him.



To me, if you have that authenticity and the stoke and fire in the eyes, you’re already successful. That’s why I truly believe in the spirit of Saturdays, and the dream you guys have.

mc: You probably heard that from Woolcott when he wanted to found Volcom.

dk: I never take anybody’s dream lightly. If it comes out of your heart and your eyes, then you’re doing it for a bigger and greater cause than just wanting to make a buck. You’re doing it because you love it. To me, if you’re doing that and you become successful in a monetary way, then good on you. People can share their success with others and give back and always provide good creativity and products for those people that they love, the surfing community. Like you said, you guys are doing it and thinking differently. That’s such a great thing for youngsters to see. Other kids that just don’t want to follow the normal path and want to do something that they love—you guys are a case study.




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