It’s official. If it wasn’t before Lil’ Wayne has been accepted into the real skateboarders society. Thanks to his words on The Nine Club podcast Weezy is in the ranks. Boil the Ocean made it official in this essay….


Conor Champion: “He’s a little kid that just started skating in a grown millionaire’s body. Out of everything he could be doing with his free time, he’s choosing to be at the skatepark with us at three in the morning. You have to realize he could be doing literally anything in the world at that moment.”


It’s so true. Think of what Lil’ Wayne could get into by just picking up the phone. Call any famous person, model, club, restaurant, etc. One call and it’s on. Anything you can imagine. And how does he spend this time. By picking up his goddamn skateboard and it’s amazing.


Lil Wayne: “I hate to use the word perfect but I’m the perfect guy to explain it. I’ve experienced a lot of great fuckin feelings. I’ve seen checks with a lot of zeroes on them bitches, with my name. I’ve experienced a lot of wonderful… moments with women. I’m talking about fucking her while her movie’s on in the background. With your music on the radio. I’ve opened a lot of great doors, I’ve seen a bunch of smiles on a bunch of faces…. I swear I don’t know if there’s a feeling that comes close to landing on them four wheels.”


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