Two of the all time greats… Tom Curren and Craig Kelly.


It’s wild how Jeremy Jones went from someone that kinda bored me in my early snowboarding days to possibly still the most relevant and influential snowboarder of today. JJ is doing it all right now and inspiring a whole generation to get off their ass, into the mountains, and fight for the environment even if that means taking on Donald Trump. Here he continue the good fight by exploring the similarities between snowboarding and surfing. Because isn’t that why we all snowboard anyway?

Respect the glide!



“Inspired by a poem he wrote long ago, big mountain rider Jeremy Jones summon his greatest influences and dissects his lifelong passion for the simple and sacred feeling he calls, “The Glide.”

Watch as Jones traces his passion for sliding sideways from old Craig Kelly parts and footage of Tom Curren at Jeffreys Bay, to his present-day obsession to crafting a snowboard that can recreate the effortless feeling of gliding upon a glassy wave.

With the help of his close friend – surfboard shaper Chris Christenson – and with the spiritual guidance of the ageless shaper Skip Frye as well as Curren, Jones embarks on a journey from the breaks of San Diego County to the peaks of the Eastern Sierra. The end result? A merging of his two greatest loves – surfing and snowboarding – into an experience that channels the pure essence of The Glide.”



Click to TETON GRAVITY to watch Jeremy Jones’ “Life Of Glide”





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