Only a couple snowboarders on earth have felt the celebrity of being a gold medalist. Red Gerard is now on the list and his life post-Olympic gold has been that of a full blown celebrity. TWSnow’s Nick Hamilton examined the changed – or not so changed – life of Red Gerard.


So Red accepted his medal, and as the headlines hit the internet, painting his family as outlandish partiers and him as an unscrupulous teen, Red boarded a plane with Malachi, who would assume the role of manager through the inevitably ensuing frenzy that occurs when one wins Olympic gold.

“That was the first time we really had to talk about it, so we stayed up the whole flight, arrived at like 6 am in LA, did the Jimmy Kimmel interview and some TMZ one. When I got off the plane, looking at Instagram was crazy. When we arrived in LA there was media everywhere. Somehow they knew I was flying in. The next morning I flew out at like 4 am to go to New York for two nights. So many interviews; it was crazy.”





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