What do ya do after a 7-year relationship ends? Hit the bar? Hit some drinks? Or sell everything you have and hit the road? If you are surf filmer/industry amazing dude Beren Hall you get a Land Cruiser and discover your own country for a year and find yourself in the process.

Sounds like an epic journey.



Now before we head off around the country with Beren, it’s worth explaining that this trip isn’t exactly the first significant bit of travel that he’s done since reaching adulthood. Beren’s career began back in 2007 filming Dion Agius—professional surfer and one of his best mates. The pair cooked up a plan to pitch to Dion’s sponsor, Globe, where they’d film regular webisodes—a revolutionary concept in surfing at the time—in return for being paid to travel, surf and party; basically, an early 20-year-old’s dream. Globe went for it, and thus began Beren’s career as a filmer/director/tastemaker/manager. In short, he’s travelled. A lot. However, whilst all this might seem glam, travelling in this capacity means that, for want of a better term, you’re always on someone else’s “trip”. This is where Beren’s desire for his solo adventure comes in.

As soon as the idea to do the trip came up, it was perfect because I could move out of the apartment and then go straight on the road,” says Beren. “I think my ex and I split up on November 20. By Christmas I was back up home and I’d sold everything, and then I flew down to Tassie on January 7 and picked up the troopy (Toyota Landcruiser) that I’d bought online.”



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This’ll do

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