Nothing like hearing about the old glory days from those that pioneered them. Listening to stories about empty line-ups, perfect 6-8ft spitting tubes, surfing alone for 7 hours a day for 10-years straight. Days that you and I will never experience but legends like surf shaper Maurice Cole did. Here he goes on a tangent about the early days of France with Tom Curren, Occy during his wildest days, and others that sounds absolutely divine.



“Having arrived here in 1980 for the World’s event, Maurice got shacked off his dial at empty Graviere for a decade or so, and did one or two notable things with surfboard design.

Among them was coming up with the reverse vee design that Tom Curren won the 1990 ASP World Title with, the infamous logoless Haleiwa board, as well as shaping some very fine equipment for Mark 0cchilupo.”



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Still here in France enjoying some very nice beach breaks !!

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