When this one popped up in our feed we couldn’t have been more stoked. Dano Pendygrasse is a legend in snowboarding with a career that spans back to the beginning of time. Meaning sometime around late 80’s Canada. He has done more to help and support snowboarders than most with music advice, life advice, and of course taking very pretty photos of them.

“Dano Pendygrasse shot his first snowboarding photos with a camera he bought from past guest Sean Sullivan. Before that, he was a team rider for Westbeach and Sims snowboards. Dano’s photos have shaped the way I look at snowboarding. This two hour conversation with him covers a lot of ground so settle in and enjoy… “



“There’s part of my life’s path that would have been very different if I had just said ‘stick with photography, but just change the kind of photos you’re shooting, keep challenging yourself in a different way’ because now, years later, I’ve realized that it’s such in integral part of who I am, I can’t NOT shoot photos, I get real fuckin squirrely if I don’t shoot photos for a week.”




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Dano Pendygrasse Episode!! . Photo @robnurmi

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