Stan coming in with the real talk once again. While we don’t agree with his Shaun White views his talk about JP Walker and Jeremy Jones not realizing their legacy in snowboarding and being self-conscious about it and in the process becoming pretty wack is bang on (if you ask us). Guys, just chill out. Seriously. Let the young kids take over.

Why are people losing their minds over the perfect score? Maybe it was mostly the really annoying over the top jock announcing? But still it happens in surfing almost every event. Sometimes twice in one heat! It doesn’t mean that that run in particular is the perfect run of all time and cannot be beat. It just means that under those exact circumstances the rider in question put down something truly next level. Next.



“JET FUEL DOESN’T MELT STEAL BEAMS” 📈and more on this episode of #lastresortwithstan Other topics covered in this episode include: The riders poll, the JP Walker Interview, bloody sneakers, How Ya Mountain DEWIN coverage from @joeybhowyadoin and a whole mess of other important stuff.



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