Lacey Baker is on a tear. She’s finally skateboarding full time after quitting her day job. It says a lot about the skate industry that it took that long, but it looks like she is finally getting the respect she deserves. Check out that part!

It’s cool to see the completely different styles Β (both on the board and off) of Lacey and Leticia Bufoni – two of the biggest female skaters doing it right now. Leticia prefers the more sex symbol approach, but they both rip. Much respect to both of them and every girl out there killing it.


“Skateboarding has long been dominated by primarily male participation, but the women are rising up and growing in numbers, and we love it. This video part shatters every preconceived notion of girls vs boys. Technically incredible and thoroughly enjoyable, Lacey Baker just brought down the house. Hell YES!”


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