The New York Times Skateboard Newspaper and VOGUE have been churning out the skateboard content perhaps offering up more female skate coverage than the endemics.

Up now is Lacey Baker getting that mainstream shine in the Grey Lady. She’s into the Olympics. She’s into all-female companies. Props to all involved.



You’ve said in the past that you shaved your head to make a point. You felt that female skaters who tended to get coverage were longhaired blond surfer-looking chicks. Is that something you still think about? It’s something that I’m extremely aware of. I got sponsored when I was pretty young. Back then I had long blond hair, and I would wear baggy pants and a baggy shirt and whatever, I didn’t care — I wanted to dress that way. One of my sponsors was telling me I should wear girl pants and be more feminine because it’s marketable. They just wanted me to appear a certain way, and I felt like it wasn’t about my skating. It was just about the way I look. But that’s all changing, and that’s what the industry needs because there’s so many of us out there. Not every girl can relate to being super [expletive] feminine, you know what I mean?




Click to THE NEW YORK TIMES for the short interview w/ Lacey Baker





Helo smol quarter 🙋🏼‍♂️

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