Southern California has been teeming with sharks lately. Then there was an attack south of Lowers and then another attack in the Pacific Palisades. But wait, that attack wasn’t an attack at all but a gruesome fin injury. Yet this 18-year old kook Sophia changed her Insta handle to “Shark Attack Sophia” and is attempting to extort $15k out of good samaritans to cover her medical bills. Jimmicane called her out as have many others.

Some might think it’s not a big deal but it is. Shark populations have been a huge global hot topic more so than ever over the past few years. If this chicks obvious attention seeking turns into increased hostility towards sharks, shark culling etc. etc. than that ain’t cool.

Imagine a world in which we had to be bombarded with GoFund Me pages and Social Media outcries every time someone took a fin to the leg?


Click over to SURFLINE for more on the fraudulent “Shark Bite Sophia”




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